About us


Who are we?

Dedicated to different working areas in Malaga, we have decided to promote the idea of a new product, youthful and different. It is an idea that has grown out of our years of experience in the food industry. Our purpose begins here.
Black Garlic arrives in the Costa del Sol.

Why black garlic?


One day one of us brought in black garlic, nobody had seen it before nor
heard anyone speak about it. He told us of its numerous properties and the beneficial impact it has on our bodies, so we decided to try it and we were very impressed.


With shades of the taste of liquorice and a sweet aftertaste, it had a flavour both different and unique. Better still, it doesn’t leave you with bad breath or anything like it. You can eat it on its own or include it with any of your dishes.

Besides which it is a natural product, with no additives. That’s because it’s processed without chemicals.


You can know better black garlic clicking here.


Our goal?

The proposition that we offer is to launch this product first in our area, Malaga and then reach out to foreign markets. It is a product that is generally unknown in the vast majority of places.
Under the brand Black & Tasty we want to reach all those places and give people the opportunity to learn of the virtues and benefits that this “black gold” can bring to everyone. We want its use in the kitchen to change from being something very exclusive to being a daily ingredient in all homes.


how black garlic is made