Diente pelado de ajo negro

The black garlic

Black garlic, what you must know about it.

Black garlic, in Black&Tasty we want you to have clear what it is, how to use it and the effects that it has in our organism. We can anticipate you that it only has benefits for our body, following we will read the details.

How is black garlic

What is black garlic?

As you already know, garlic, besides containing many beneficial properties for our health. Is a major component in our diet. Now we have black garlic whose qualities can’t fail to impress us. One of the intrinsic advantages that come into play is that it possesses even greater health benefits than normal garlic. However it’s not only because of this that the product is so highly valued but also for its range of gastronomic possibilities.

Black garlic offers something entirely new with a texture and colour completely different that will produce new aesthetic results, an intense smell with which we can attract the interest of the diner and above all, for the repeat diner, the taste. The taste speaks for itself, its intensity and sweetness bursts on the palette with whatever combination we choose to add to it.

Black garlic cloves

Black garlic cloves offer great versatility in gastronomy. They add to any innovative dish with which you are experimenting and become a major component in its elaboration. It’s an excellent product to give wings to your imagination but it is also a product that serves to give an extra touch to what already exists. For example, when making alioli (garlic mayonnaise) instead of using normal garlic you can make it with black garlic and produce something quite different.

Black garlic cream

Black garlic cream is ideal for toast and crispbread as well as decorations for whichever dish we are making. Its texture makes it easy to use at any time and with it you can make from gourmet canapés to decorating your dish with colorful flavor.

Whole heads of black garlic

The whole heads of black garlic can be used to enhance the flavour of a dish or as part of the garnish, lightly toasted and at the same time sweet.

How to made black garlic

Properties of black garlic

There so many properties of black garlic which benefit us, since is a source of amino acids. Containing 18 of the 20 amino acids that exist in the nature black garlic becomes an extra good and potential food. Out of these 18 amino acids, 8 of them are fundamental for our diary diet.

It contains 5 times more allicin than normal garlic which makes it the best support against free radicals, protecting our system. It prevents diabetes and it cleans our arteries. It has a high content of zinc and contains cysteine, which fights against depression , eliminates harming cholesterol and cleans the blood.

With this brief introduction to its properties you can obtain an idea of its power and high return the black garlic can provide our organism. Following-up we provide a chart which holds with further detail which are all its properites.

Black Garlic Propierties

How to have black garlic

It’s recommended to have it when fasting, 2 o 3 cloves when we wake up is the way to exploit all of its benefits. It doesn’t leave bad breath behind therefore there shouldn’t be any prejudices to have it.

You can also make a number of recipes with black garlic. You can spread it on toasts to include it on the elaboration of a dish. Here you can see some of the ideas we suggest for the use of black garlic in the kitchen.


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